Wildcrafted mushrooms, berries, plants and extracts without carriers.
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Hot sale Siberian Chaga Extract
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Benefits of being our customer

Wide product range
We can supply any wild-growing products from Siberia. Sea-buckthorn, bilberry, ginseng, cranberry, chamomile, Scutellaria baicalensis Root, Valerian Root etc. All of this products can be supplied in form powders or extracts
Tested and certified
All products have high levels of active substances. Confirmed by certificates. We do not use chemicals additives and flavorings
Pure quality
All products are made from wild raw materials collected manually. Regions of collection are far from cities. Before production starts, all raw materials undergo laboratory tests
Only organic raw materials are used in production. Reliable packaging preserves all the useful properties of goods during storage and transportation
Nature's caress
Our collectors are specially trained and gathering stuff carefuly to get high yields every year without sacrificing quality
White label
We can create any product from wild raw materials under your trademark using your label and package demands

Natural Siberian Products - From The Wild Forests of Russia

Siberian Chaga Extract
high level ORAC
Siberian Chaga powder
Wild harvested
Siberian Rhodiola roots powder
Siberian Taxifolin-Reference of antioxidants
Extract of larch
Siberian Rhodiola roots extract

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The products are prepared for you by:

  • 1675 collectors from 40 villages
  • 27 processors and packers
  • 2 technologist
  • 3 laboratory assistants
  • 5 herb experts
  • 3 Mycologist

            All of us want to benefit humanity.
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    shoppingWe want to make your shopping easy

  • Purchase by just leaving the application in the order form. Or use any means of communication
  • Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible, specify all details of the order and answer your questions 
  • Choose the best way to deliver your superfoods
  • We accept payments through a bank account or Pay Pal
  • We are open for suggestions and consider individual conditions

  • Shipping info
      delivery            Fast delivery of superfoods from forest experts
     We deliver goods from warehause located in Tallinn, Estonia:

  • Therefore,  EU delivery is quite fast. We also send goods to anywhere in the world
  • When the paperwork is done, your shipment is prepared and going out withing one day, exclude weekend

  • We are able to do logistics with any company by your choice

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    White label

    white label             Get on your brand with us

  • We can pack our products with your label on them
  • We can create a recipe at your request and create the product
  • You may get your products labeled by your brand in any form: fresh, frozen, dried powder/extract, liquid
  • Also we are considering bulk branding orders
  • All of products  origin - Siberia

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    Every stages of production under our precise control

    We are collecting in the deep forests of Siberia and take care of nature.
    All raw materials are first processed at the collection site.
    Next, the batch is sent to the warehouse and there is marked.
    After that, the sampling is carried out and sent to the laboratory.
    After the tests, we determine the purpose of this raw material.
    We produce different kinds of goods. The main thing is the extracts.
    We produce them by water or ethanol extraction.
    Before, in the period after production, we conduct laboratory tests to determine the active substances.
    And only after the approval of our specification by the technologist the goods get to the distribution warehouse.
    So you get 100% natural products with certain, approved quality.

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